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Pain Reprocessing Therapy Resources

Kerri Husman, MD

Resources to help learn more about pain reprocessing and neural circuit retraining therapy.


A great Tedx video from Dr. Lorimer Moseley about how the brain creates our reality. Including pain. 


A brief animated video about pain as a protector from Dr. Moseley. Great if you are a visual learner.


A great Tedx video from Lauren Cantrell describing her recovery from pain.


Trauma and the Nervous System: A Polyvagal Perspective. This describes how past and current trauma can be a recipe for pain. 


Pain Brain is a movie describing applying PRT to back pain in a study completed by Dr. Yoni Ashar and Alan Gordon, LCSW. Available to rent for $3.99.


Dr. Howard Schubiner’s resources for Mind Body Syndrome, another name for brain created pain. His books and meditations are great, and he is a great teacher. There is a series of lectures in the middle of the home page to click to watch as well. 


Summary of tools and resources from This Might Hurt. Includes exercises you can do on your own.


All about the Pain Psychology Center in LA, and it includes a video demo. 


Free PRT resources for patients. 


Alan Gordon’s pain recovery program – a DIY approach. Also free.


TMS resources. TMS = tension myositis syndrome, another name for brain created pain.


Curable is an app that helps with management of chronic pain and they have intensive workshops as well. 


The Psychophysiologic Disorders Association is a group of health professionals committed to helping ease suffering from pain. PPDA also has free resources for patients. Dr. Husman is a member. 


Research studies to review. 

If you feel that the described experiences with chronic pain apply to you, ask Dr. Husman at your visit for an OvidDx form to complete which helps us explore this together.