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Candida Maurer, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, 1991, Rehabilitation Counseling, 1979. Co-founder Eastwind Healing Center, 1996-2022, Asian bodywork therapist, 1996-2013, Certified Psychedelic Therapy and Research practitioner, 2019. Reiki Master, Healing Touch practitioner, Meditation teacher, Hypnotherapy, Dreamwork, Energy Medicine.

**Candida Maurer no longer practices out of Eastwind Healing Center. **

“When we ignore the body and the spirit in psychology, we ignore the inherent wholeness of the person. True healing takes place when one’s wholeness is revealed to them through integration of the mind, body, and spirit.”

Dr. Candida Maurer announces a new phase of her psychology practice.

“As I reach into my wisdom years, I am being guided to provide a new level of psychological and spiritual assistance. I continue to offer mind-body therapy that integrates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the Self. But this will be done differently than in my previous practice.”

Spiritual Counseling

“In general, I offer three focused sessions of exploration and healing to help you dissolve a specific blockage that has bound you. This is more of a coaching model and is not ongoing psychotherapy. It is designed to help you focus your efforts toward understanding yourself at a deeper level so that you can make the changes you wish to make on particular issues. Sessions will use hypnosis, dreamwork, and energy medicine almost exclusively.

This will not be about telling me your story except in the broadest terms. Most of our time will be spent exploring and integrating unconscious material that is related to the stuck feeling that is hampering you.”

Dr. Maurer has integrated mind-body psychotherapy, holistic philosophy, hypnosis, dreamwork, and energy medicine into a powerful combination that has proven to be the healing key for many people. A gifted teacher, she has been on the adjunct faculty of The University of Iowa where she taught dream analysis, Jungian theory, psychological theory, hypnotherapy, and practicum. She is published in the area of pain management and hypnosis.

“I have spent over 40 years studying psychology within myself and others, and bring a wealth of experience, understanding, and compassion to helping people change the underlying patterns that bind them. I have been interested in a holistic approach to healing throughout my life and it was natural for me to seek integrative methods for psychological healing once I became a psychotherapist. As part of my training, my personal experiences with alternative medicine propelled me to study extensively in the field of bio-energetic medicine and how it intersects with psychology. I came to see that the body is an extension of the mind on the physical plane and that bodily symptoms have psychological meaning. I have studied meditation, dream analysis, energy medicine, and hypnosis in depth, and I believe that access to the unconscious mind is what allows healing to occur.

During various classes in Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Healing, yoga, qigong, etc., I witnessed many people transforming aspects of themselves that had seemed to be stuck. When we feel stuck, we are generally caught in a pattern of thought, feeling, and behavior that seems unmovable. These patterns are held in the body-mind in a such a way that they are usually operating unconsciously. Even though we understand our problems, understanding alone does not solve them, and we continue to be stuck in outmoded ways of being.

Symptoms such as depression and anxiety surface to show us that we are out of alignment with our true self.  But often, bodily symptoms hold the key to our inner process, and we can learn to tap into the body’s messages to understand all aspects of ourselves more deeply. When we learn to work with our bodies, our minds, and our spirits in a manner that honors each level of experience, our symptoms begin to disappear. It is through practices such as meditation, dream analysis, energy balancing, hypnosis, and psychedelic integration that we become aware of our patterns and our innate healing potential.

I feel that my task is to help others find and activate their own inner wisdom. I firmly believe that the medicine of the future will include the understanding of the energies in and around our bodies as holding the vital link to our health. When we are in alignment with these energies in our bodies and in our field, we are balanced and centered. This experience allows us to transcend the patterns of personality that have kept us from finding our true Self and we are led to healing and wholeness.”

Coaching services are generally not covered by health insurance. Email Candida at candidasart@gmail.com for information.

Psychedelic Therapy Integration

Candida Maurer, PhD, licensed psychologist, has completed her certification in Psychedelic Therapy and Research through the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Psychedelics are being used by millions of people to awaken from ordinary consciousness. Unfortunately, the extraordinary experience of these medicines is often not integrated into our everyday lives, and the profound understanding that occurs fades away. It is through various integration practices that the true benefit of these medicines can be activated.

“Psychedelic awakening has long been an interest of mine which was sparked by experiences in my 20’s. These were life-changing touchstones for the possibility of expanded consciousness, and it was these experiences which led me to pursue my doctorate in psychology. These experiences also inspired me to pursue continuing education in alternative medicine. My foundational belief is that increasing our level of awareness allows us to come to a greater sense of wholeness.”

Psychedelics, or entheogens (a term used to describe substances which allow us to find the God within), have been used for millennia to allow people to have direct contact with other states of reality. A variety of entheogens are being used by millions of people to explore the vast realms of extraordinary experiences that allow us to heal ourselves. The entheogens that became popular in the 1960’s inspired millions to seek greater awareness through psychedelics and other “spiritual technologies” such as meditation, yoga, dreamwork, and depth psychology.

Now, psychedelic medicines are being seriously studied for relief of mental illnesses such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions, anxiety, serious illness, and end-of-life issues. The research that is being conducted around the country has been extraordinarily promising.

Since psychedelics are still illegal, many people are ingesting these substances on their own or in group settings that may or may not support real psychological or spiritual transformation. It is only through careful intention setting, guidance, and integration that the full value of psychedelic experiences can be accessed.

The intention for my practice is to create a space for the soul to flourish. Since my certification in psychedelic medicine, I am now offering services for those who have used entheogens and haven’t been able to fully integrate their experiences.

It is my hope that these substances will soon be legalized for the huge numbers of people who are suffering, for it will revolutionize the treatment of mental illness and allow an expansion of consciousness that is badly needed in our troubled world.

Psychedelic Therapy Mentoring

Dr. Maurer also offers mentoring to professionals who are considering becoming psychedelic medicine practitioners.

Email Dr. Maurer for more information: candidasart@gmail.com