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Eastwind Classes

NEW 8-week Dreamwork Class starting Thursday, March 3rd, 2022.


Dr. Candida Maurer is offering a course in dreamwork!

Have you wondered what your dreams are really telling you?

Dreamwork is the process of carefully learning to unravel the hidden meanings in dreams by using both theoretical and practical methods to understand their deep language. Candida has studied dream interpretation extensively using approaches from Carl Jung and others to reveal the secret messages of dreams.

“Once the dream is revealed, a new path into understanding the Self emerges.”

Candida has studied her own and others’ dreams for over 40 years and finds that dreams are the most direct path into our unconscious mind. 

“Dreams are always leading us to deeper aspects of the Self with the ongoing goal of providing us with information that allows the integration of both conscious and unconscious processes.”

In the class we will be working with our own and each other’s dreams. There is literally no clearer path for self-revelation, and there are only a few other paths that help others find themselves in this level of truth and depth.

Where: Heartland Yoga Studio, 221 E. College St., Suite 213, Iowa City

When:  Thursdays, March 3rd – April 14th, 2-4pm (8 weeks)

Cost:    $400 (+$50 for 16 hours of continuing education for psychotherapists)

Class size is limited to 10 participants

Contact: candidasart@gmail.com

Payment to: Candida Maurer

                            308 East Burlington St., #227

                            Iowa City, IA 52240



Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Healthcare Professionals 8 week training (September 30th, 2021)  

Email Candida Maurer at candidasart@gmail.com to sign up or for more details. 


Hypnosis is one of the most powerful therapeutic tools you will ever have!

This is an 8-week exploration of the many uses of hypnosis including dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, pain, habit disorders, sleep problems, and mind-body issues.

It is taught by Dr. Candida Maurer, a psychologist with over 40 years of hypnotherapeutic experience.

Dates: Thursday, September 30, 2021 through Thursday, December 2, 2021. (no class on Thanksgiving)

Time: 2-4pm
Location: Heartland Yoga Studio, 221 E. College St, Suite 213, Iowa City Cost: $800 (early bird discount is $700 if paid by June 30th)

Continuing education units are available:
16 hours for $160
13 hours of general education for $130, and 3 hours of ethics for $50 ($180 total)

Class size is strictly limited to 16 participants.

All classes will be held in person! It is expected that you are vaccinated.

This class is appropriate for healthcare professionals including psychotherapists, social workers, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and graduate students in these professions.


An important part of Eastwind’s purpose is education, either through the therapeutic process, experiential workshops, or didactic classes. Our intent is to provide high-quality offerings to both professionals and the general public. Please check back often, as the selection of classes may change and new classes may become available.

Classes For The General Public
These classes will be offered on a scheduled or as-requested basis. Unless otherwise specified, the only requirement for eligibility is your interest! (Details such as dates, times, and cost will be announced as the class is offered)

Meditation – Learn the techniques of the practice that brings relaxation, stress relief, even spiritual Enlightenment. Several major techniques, as well as the theory behind meditation, setting up a meditation practice, and other practical considerations will be covered. Come prepared to practice, as this is an experiential class. Details on materials, etc. will be provided when the class is scheduled. Taught by Candida Maurer, PhD.

Nutrition and Health – These classes will cover a number of aspects around this important, though often neglected, relationship. The classes will be taught by Eastwind’s functional medicine physician Julia Buchkina, MD, who operates Upstream Functional Medicine.  Please visit here for current classes.

Reiki – All levels of the Usui (Takata) system are offered. Students will learn this amazing energy healing technique to help themselves and others. It is simple to learn, is independent of any religious orientation, and is very effective. See here for more information on Reiki. These classes will be taught by Reiki Master Joseph Mizelle, LMT.

Classes for Healthcare Professionals
Eastwind is dedicated to training healthcare professionals to understand and apply the underlying principles of mind-body therapy through educational programs and workshops. It is our strong belief that people heal more deeply and effectively when therapy is integrated with body psychology and spiritual practice. All classes will be offered on a scheduled or as-requested basis. (Continuing education units may be available, depending on the student’s profession and license requirements.)

Dream Analysis – This look at “the royal road to the unconscious” covers a practical method of dream analysis, based in Carl Jung’s archetypal theory, mythology, metaphor, and personal meaning to the dreamer. Emphasis is placed on the dream’s meaning to the dreamer, rather than a canned list of general meanings. This class is taught by Candida Maurer, PhD.

Energy Medicine – The broad field of energy medicine has many expressions. This class focuses on techniques and orientations that are easy learned and immediately applicable. Taught by Candida Maurer, PhD, the class is based in her many years of training in and experience with various modalities.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – This class is an 8-week course introducing hypnotic theory and technique for healthcare practitioners. Students will learn basic hypnotherapy techniques for a variety of concerns, including pain management, habit disorders, mind-body therapy, trauma release, and other topics as needed. Each class will include both theory and practice, so that students will leave having confidence that they can create competent hypnotic states for their clients. Taught by Candida Maurer, PhD.

*Please note that some classes are available to any interested person at the discretion of the instructor.