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The Deerhound Method?

Recently, I’ve been employing a rather unconventional relaxation/revitalization technique which I’ve found to be very helpful in de-stressing after work. It involves the assistance of two 85 lb. dogs–my deerhound girls Siri and Zodi.

The first thing I do when I get home is make my way to the living room and lie flat on my back on the wood floor. My deerhounds think is great fun and they collapse on the ground next to me. Then, I envision all of the day’s stress flowing out of my body and into the earth. As I listen to my breath, their breath, and ease into the stillness of ‘not doing’ I feel myself unwind and settle.

I gradually make my way back to the vertical world in 10-20 minutes, disentangle myself from the sleeping dog bodies, and smudge myself with some sage. I emerge from this process well-rested, more peaceful and much more capable of enjoying the remainder of the day. Siri and Zodi just keep on sleeping until I make their dinner.

Jenny Wolffe LMT, KMI, RM