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In early July I made the decision to fold 1000 cranes in 90 days. I had been feeling stuck and frustrated in my work with a personal health challenge and felt that I needed a ‘cosmic boost’, some inspiration, wisdom and Grace. Grasping for answers and struggling for solutions wasn’t helping but still I found it difficult to let go, to simply allow healing to take place.

An ancient Japanese legend promises that folding 1000 paper cranes results in blessings bestowed–a wish granted, health restored, possibly a thousand years of good luck.

Because I seemed to be getting in my own way, I decided to unite my body, mind and spirit in an action that would focus on healing but not just mine–to send blessings to all who suffer and might be in need of healing. So I began this practice….

The first week I folded 12 extra cranes and now I fold 11 each day. I do my best to be fully present with each crane and at the end of the folding process, blow a healing blessing into each one. I’ve been giving them to people, leaving them at work, in hotels, restaurants, and anywhere I find myself sitting with a little extra time. It has done wonders for me and, should you find a paper crane today, may it bless you, too.

Jenny Wolffe