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When first asked to write about how I deal with stress, I thought “I’m too stressed to do this right now.” But seriously, it’s been a thought provoking assignment. So, here are my thoughts . . .

My first instinct is to talk to someone about my situation. I’ve never been accused of not talking enough (every report card that I ever got in Elementary said “NI”-needs improvement, talks too much in class). It’s not so much about having someone listening and telling me what to do, or even telling me if I’m right. It’s having someone present with me and allowing me to express “how I feel.” That’s it. It’s that simple. You can argue with facts, but not about how someone feels . . .

To quiet the “Mind Frick” that comes with being stressed I will go into a meditation. At least 20-40 minutes to be in that “God Space.” Tthere are several meditations that I like to choose from:

1.) The 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Disturbed Shen Meditation. You get up . . . wide awake in “shoulda-coulda-woulda “mode. I sit up to empty the mind, using my mantra and just observing the breath.

2.) The Lawn Mowing Meditation. One of my favorites. There is no way you can be spaced out bobbing and weaving through the tree limbs, swing set, steep hills – dodging all the wild creatures that go zipping out of their hiding places, including getting dive bombed by swallows. It requires full attention in the present. Especially when your lawn mower catches on fire because some mice have built a nest in the motor while it was sitting idle in the shed.

3.) Entertainment Meditation. There is no way one can be stressed out when you are singing at the top of your lungs and dancing in the shower, thanks to Pandora “Funk Radio.” All you need is a “Soap – Mister Boom Microphone” and your day is off and flying!

4.) The Chuckle Belly Meditation. This requires the help of other stressed out friends, family or co-workers. One person lies on the floor and the next puts their head on the first person’s stomach, then the next head on the second person’s stomach, etc. The first person starts laughing and the whole place is filled with hysterical, side stitching, wailing and tears of joy . . . laughter. An all-you-can-take-in endorphin buffet!

Now that I have finished this assignment it’s one less stress on my list! These are just a few thoughts. Don’t take life so seriously. You are either in fear or love. Choose love. This is just my opinion – I could be wrong. ~Pamela Sabin

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